Akshay Seed Tech Company was established in 1992 by herculean  efforts of shri Natubhai G. Makadia, the Managing Director of the company. Initially, company has commenced Research and Development work in collaboration with an Israeli seed company Hazera Ltd. with prime objective to develop superior high yielding and insect-pest & disease resistant genotypes (varieties) of cotton and vegetables with better quality. Akshay Seed Tech Company is pioneer in the Indian seed industry who brought seed film coating technology from Netherland based multinational company Incotec Ltd. Now, it has become popular among all seed companies due to realization of its beneficial effects and wide acceptance by Indian farmers. Since from its beginning company has developed nearly 75 products in 18 crop species including cotton, vegetables, oilseeds, cereals, pulses and spices with the application of various most advanced plant breeding methods. 

In this new era of Plant Biotechnology, company has developed Bt (Bollgard) hybrid cotton varieties i.e., Akhsay-102 (PRCH-102 Bt), Shree Maha Rakshak (Rudra Bt) and Shree Rakshak (PRCH-31 Bt) in collaboration with Pravardhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad which are suitable for cultivation in irrigated as well as rain fed areas.

Currently, company has been engaged in research and development of elite genotypes in various crop species as well as production, processing and marketing of quality hybrid seeds for the farming community of the nation.

Company has also forayed into other sectors like dairy industry, cotton seed ginning & pressing and textiles while remaining committed to the healthy growth of its core business “SEEDS”.

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